Kathie Lee Gifford’s Son Doing Movie Reviews on ‘Today’

Watch your back, Gene Shalit: Cody Gifford interning at NBC this summer

Kathie Lee Gifford’s son Cody is interning at the “Today” show this summer. As TVNewser notes, he’ll be “reviewing movies for his mother’s fourth hour.”

Here’s why Cody — a film studies major — thinks he’s qualified: “I think that as you get older, you know, you kinda — no one’s fault — but you get a little out of touch with contemporary issues, films, and whatnot. Maybe not out of touch, you can be knowledgeable about it, but you’re not really — it’s not your generation anymore. And that’s no fault of anyone’s, but I think I can bring, maybe, a little more awareness and, kind of, a relevancy, that maybe isn’t there with older people.”

Gene Shalit, you’ve been warned.