Watch Funny or Die Defend Herman Cain’s Treatment of Women

Women counter harassment claims in latest video offering

As every reporter jumps on Herman Cain's every miscue and alleged malfeasance, the men — and women — at Funny or Die are there to support America’s favorite businessman.

In a mock ad for the embattled presidential candidate, a series of women defend Cain, saying that he has never sexually harassed them. Pretty women, younger women, even a woman who isn’t from America testify on his behalf.

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“He’s a good man," one says. "He’s always making sure we check for breast cancer, look for lumps, pretty much every day.”

That’s where things to start to get a bit messy. Before the "ad" is over, one woman is already recanting her testimony on his behalf.

“Herman Cain just sexually harassed me while you were filming those other women so I’m going to go.”

Poor Herman.

Here's the video: