Theo Von Takes Over as ‘Prime Time in No Time’ Host

The “Road Rules” cast member turned stand-up comedian will host Yahoo’s “Prime Time in No Time” TV recap show

Theo Von, a “Road Rules” and ‘Last Comic Standing” alumnus, hopes to reinvent Yahoo's popular “Prime Time in No Time” as its new host.

Von, whose full name is Theo Vonkurnatowski, plans on using his reality TV background to provide more context and his off-beat sense of humor to lure a new audience.

The show, which attracts a monthly audience of 6.7 million viewers a, recaps the most buzzed about television from the night before.

“It’s such a phenomenal new playground for edgy material,” Von told TheWrap of Yahoo. “This is a reinvention of their already very popular program, but I wanna fly off the handle a little bit more.”

Asked about his unconventional comedic style, Von described himself as a mixture of Lil Wayne and Larry the Cable Guy – whatever that means. Just know that if you want to trademark "Larry the Cable Weezy," he'll fight you for it.

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Hiring Von is part of Yahoo’s comedic reinvention. The company announced a whole new slate of original comedy programming in December, including content from Bill Maher and Funny or Die. Maher kicks it off with a stand-up special next week.

For Von, names like Maher mean that Yahoo is prusuing a new audience, an opportunity he craves.

“I love to push things to a new audience. My personal audience is 'things you would usually whisper, I like to say outside.' Yahoo’s audience is changing all the time and it’s about to change again.”

As Von recommended, stay tuned. In a nine-minute span he offered to serve as this reporter’s carry-on luggage to New York, complained about raw shrimp and cracked wise about rampant drug use.

Yes, Yahoo, your audience may very well change.