Apple’s iPhone Tops Yahoo’s Search List, Casey Anthony Follows

Yahoo released its “Year in Review” Thursday, offering lists of scandals, news stories and … extreme weather

Siri, what is the most searched for term in the United States?

I am, according to Yahoo.

The iPhone was the site’s most searched for term in 2011, the first time a tech product has led the way since 2002. Back then the Playstation 2 was all the rage.

Between the rumored release of the iPhone 5, the introduction of voice-activated personal assistant Siri and the death of Apple founder Steve Jobs, Apple again placed its stamp on the country in 2011.

But the list was not just about Apple, there were nine other spots, and a slew of female celebrities follow Apple’s beloved smartphone.

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Though Casey Anthony comes in at number two, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez round out the top five.

The celebs continue with Lindsay Lohan, “American Idol” and Jennifer Anniston, an only at number nine does world news enter the fray with the Japanese earthquake and Osama Bin Laden rounding out the top 10.

The list is part of Yahoo’s “Year in Review,” which also includes lists of top scandals, heroic acts and extreme weather.

Anthony, whose trial captivated the nation in the first half of the year, was the top news story, followed by the earthquake and the royal wedding. Occupy Wall Street clocked in at number ten.

Apple also reigned supreme in mobile searches, with iPhone 5, a device that still doesn’t exist in public form, topping the list. So what will happen when it actually hits the market?