Zimmerman Trial Juror B29: ‘I Feel Like I Killed Him’ (Video)

She tells ABC's Robin Roberts that she thought George Zimmerman was guilty of murder but the law wouldn't let her convict him

Juror B29 broke her silence to "Good Morning America" host Robin Roberts on Thursday about the trial and how, though she wanted to convict George Zimmerman of murder for killing unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin, the law would not allow her to do so.

"George Zimmerman got away with murder. But you can't get away from God," Maddy said.

Maddy, who did not want to give her last name, said she was devastated by the reaction after the verdict. "I was screaming and crying," she said. "I kept saying to myself, 'I feel like I killed him.'"

Maddy showed her face in the interview, unlike Juror B37 on her "Anderson Cooper 360" appearance. Maddy, a 36-year-old mother of eight, who described herself as a "black Hispanic," was the only minority member of the all-woman jury. She was also, she told Roberts, the only holdout to acquit him of murder charges during deliberations.

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"It's hard for me to sleep. It's hard for me to eat," Maddy said. "I feel I was forcefully included in Trayvon Martin's death."

"And as I carry him on my back, I'm hurting as much (as) Trayvon Martin's mother because there's no way that any mother should feel that pain."

So why did she ultimately vote to free Zimmerman?

"I stand by the decision because of the law," she said. "As the law was read to me, if you have no proof that he killed him intentionally, you can't say he's guilty."

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Roberts pointed out that Maddy did not ask for money to appear on the show, nor is she pursuing a book deal, unlike Juror B37. Maddy made sure to distance herself from Juror B37 — as have the other four jurors — saying that Juror B37's use of the word "we" when discussing the jury's decisions was not correct. Juror B37, Maddy said, spoke only for herself.

Maddy also apologized to Trayvon Martin's parents: "I feel like I let them down," she said.

Martin's mother, Sybrina Fulton, released a statement responding to the interview: "It is devastating for my family to hear the comments from juror B29, comments which we already knew in our hearts to be true. That George Zimmerman literally got away with murder."

Watch the video: