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Meet Scott Prouty, Man Who Captured 47% Comment From Romney (Video)

Calls himself "a regular guy, middle-class hardworking guy"

MSNBC host Ed Schultz is losing his primetime show, but went out with a bang, scoring an exclusive interview with the man who secretly taped Mitt Romney's "47 percent" comment at a Florida fundraiser last May.

On Wednesday's "The Ed Show," Schultz introduced Scott Prouty as the man who took "the secret video that changed the course of history." In the video that Prouty captured, Romney told wealthy supporters that he believed 47 percent of voters would never support him because they were dependent on the government rather than themselves.

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"I'm a regular guy, middle-class, hardworking guy," Prouty said. "I'd like to think I have a good moral compass and a core and i think i have… a little more empathy than Mitt Romney had."

Prouty, who maintained his anonymity even as the video was credited for helping bring down Romney's candidacy, said he brought his camera to the fundraiser because he thought Romney might pose for pictures with the workers at the event. He said former President Clinton had met with the staff at a past event he had worked.

He also said he is an independent who was an undecided voter when he took the video.

"I grew up in a blue-collar area in Boston and nobody I know can afford to pay 50,000 for dinner," he said. "I felt an obligation in a way to release it… for all the people who can't afford to be there. You shouldn't have to be able to afford $50,000 to hear what a candidate actually thinks."

Watch the video:

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