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Megyn Kelly Lands Heidi Cruz Before CNN’s Cruz Family Town Hall

Read excerpts from Fox News host’s chat with wife of Ted Cruz about Donald Trump, depression and the state of the GOP

Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly sat down with Heidi Cruz on Tuesday for her first interview since Donald Trump mocked the wife of his GOP opponent, presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

The interview will air tonight on “The Kelly File,” beating CNN to the punch.

Fox News’ rival is in the midst of a three-day lineup of family town halls. John Kasich’s family went last night, the Trump family will partake tonight and the Cruz family is set for Wednesday. All three CNN events are taking place in New York City and moderated by Anderson Cooper.

TheWrap has obtained a portion of Kelly’s interview with Heidi Cruz. Check out the highlights:

On her reaction to GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s retweet of an unflattering photo of her:
“Well, one great thing about me, Megyn, is that I don’t tweet. So I had an ability to completely ignore it. I think we have a pattern of behavior here that when Donald Trump is falling behind. You know it’s interesting, the timing of that was right before Ted’s sweep, sweeping victory in Utah … But I will tell you I know why we are running this race and it’s not for Donald Trump — it is for the voters of this country and when you have a husband who is standing by you that is so strong and so unflappable it really gives me a lot of strength. So I really have to honestly say it didn’t impact me in the least.”

On her opinion of Trump:
“Well, I’m really glad this Republican party has had such a wide and varied field. I think it’s good for the party that we’ve had a wide and varied field. We started with 17 candidates — that’s a great thing. People want to participate in the political process because it matters … And you know, one thing I think has caused increase turnout is there have been a couple of candidates who have talked about fighting for people, who have addressed and spoken out on some of the real issues of the day. I think Ted is one of those, I think the president frontrunner has spoken out on some of the issues of the day. What’s really important is who is speaking out correctly and telling the truth and who has solutions; who has real tangible solutions and a real, proven record on being able to deliver on those.”

On reports that she has struggled with depression:
“It was humbling. And then one thing I want to people in this country — women in specifically, really to men too professionally is — being humble is so important as you go through transitions in your life. If you’re willing to start over sometimes, if you’re willing to always work hard, no job is too small, no job is too big, and you see possibility like Ted does where others don’t.

“It can be a much smoother path and so it was, it was. What was humbling to me was in my spiritual walk. It was so humbling to know God has a plan for my life and regardless of what your beliefs are, what your religion is, there is a reason you are placed on this earth and there is a longtime plan, um, you can follow that and not need to control everything. And what was really humbling was that my ability to contribute and serve others was not oriented to geography, it was oriented toward the talents that god have given me and my partnership with Ted.”