Anderson Cooper Tears Into Melania Trump’s Cyberbullying Speech: ‘Doesn’t This Start at Home?’ (Video)

“If it is not okay for kids to do this, why is it okay for adults, for Donald Trump?” CNN anchor asks Kellyanne Conway

Things got heated between Anderson Cooper and Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway on Thursday night over Melania Trump’s recent speech on cyberbullying, when the “AC 360” host asked, “If it is not okay for kids to do this, why is it okay for adults, for Donald Trump?”

“It’s really not OK for anyone to do [cyberbullying],” Conway responded before Cooper shot back, “Your candidate is the guy on Twitter at 3 a.m.”

Conway went on to say that she gets harassed by journalists online but appreciates that Melania is trying to bring change, the answer wasn’t good enough for Cooper.

“You know, the question is doesn’t this start at home,” Cooper said. “Isn’t the problem at her own dinner table?”

Conway defended her boss, “The fact that her husband is running for president and defends himself sometimes?”

Cooper chimed in, “Talking about Carly Fiorina’s face wasn’t a counter attack. That was just an attack.”

The potential future First Lady has made preventing cyberbullying an issue she intends to work on if her husband wins the election on Tuesday.

“Our culture has gotten too mean and too rough especially to children and teenagers,” Melania told a crowd Thursday in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, outside Philadelphia, in her first public speech since the Republican Convention in July. “I do worry about all of our children. As we know, now social media is the centerpiece of our lives.”

She went on to say that, “As adults, many of use are able to handle mean words, even lies. Children and teenagers can be fragile.”

Watch the video above.