Meryl Streep Talks Oscars: ‘I Don’t Like It, But I Crave It’ (Video)

And good news Marvel: she’s open to superhero movies, too

Meryl Streep was nominated for her 18th Academy Award on Thursday, and told Jimmy Kimmel the night before that being recognized for her work during Hollywood’s busy award season never gets old.

“There are aspects of it that are terrifying, like getting a dress that you know will be torn apart the next day by everybody, but it’s very exciting,” Streep told Kimmel in an interview (above) on his ABC late-night show on Wednesday.

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“So you like that, it’s not like Woody Allen,” Kimmel said.

“I don’t like it,” Streep corrected. “But I crave it, I guess.”

Streep was first nominated for an Oscar for her supporting role in 1978 drama “The Deer Hunter,” and she won her first the following year for her supporting role in “Kramer Vs. Kramer.” She called the experience “intense” and remembered being “in awe” of the stars surrounding her.

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“It wasn’t like now where everybody is always everywhere publicly. Those people lived in this rarified Hollywood, and you only saw them on screen or in the most controlled ways,” Streep said. “So they were like gods.”

While the 64-year-old actress thinks “it’s sort of great” that technology has allowed the rest of the population to make movies on their own, there are some drawbacks.

“The cell phone camera has sort of ended the quiet dinner alone with your husband,” Streep joked. “And the first [picture] is never good enough for them.”

And while Streep is mostly known for her award-winning dramatic performances, she’s got good news for Marvel or DC’s ever-expanding superhero movie universe:  She’s ready to join in.

“It depends on the powers,” Streep said.

Watch the rest of her interview, below.

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