Michael Moore, Flint Native, Rips Hillary Clinton During Debate

“Hillary now says her life-long support of moving jobs out of Flint is over”

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Flint native Michael Moore watched Sunday night’s Flint, Mich.-based debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders with particular interest — and didn’t like Clinton’s answers.

The “Where to Invade Next Filmmaker” took to Twitter to rip Hillary Clinton during the CNN Democratic debate. He made his preference for Sanders clear.

“The choice here is clear: Wall Street’s paid candidate or the candidate who can’t be bought,” he wrote.

Moore, who started his filmmaking career with “Roger and Me,” about the death of the auto industry in Flint, also called out Clinton on her pride over voting to bail out automakers.

“Hillary has no clue that the “auto bailout” didn’t save ONE single job in Flint. We used to have 80,000 GM jobs here. Today? 5,000 jobs left,” he wrote.

Check out some of his other hard hits on the former secretary of state:

Despite all the negativity, it seems Moore was happy with the result of the debate: