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Michele Bachmann Uses CNN GOP Debate to Announce Presidential Candidacy

Minnesota congresswoman tells John King that she’s filed her paperwork and will make a formal kickoff address soon

Sarah Palin just died a little.

Michele Bachmann gave the former Alaska governor some extra competition for the Mama Grizzly vote on Monday, using the CNN Republican Presidential Debate to announce that she has filed her campaign paperwork with the Federal Election Commission.

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She told moderator John King that she will formally kick off her campaign for the White House in the near future. 

Unlike Palin, that moves the conservative Minnesota congresswoman from  "considering" to the "in it to win it" column. Palin continues to refrain from declaring her presidential intentions while touring the country as part of her One Nation bus tour. 

In a statement released immediately after the announcement, the Tea Party favorite said: "Our country needs a leader who understands the hardships that people across America have been facing over the past few years, and who will do what it takes to renew the American dream. We must become a strong and proud America again, and I see clearly a better path to a brighter future."

But Bachmann wasn't done tossing red meat to the party faithful. She also used the occasion to declare that "President Obama will be a one term president." 

That particular statement drew derision from left-leaning tweeters, one of whom @pres_bartlet, wrote: "I want to announce, right now, Michele Bachmann is a zero term President. #CNNDebate."

In other Bachmann news, the rightwing firebrand has five children and 23 foster children and likes Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley equally. She also really, really hates the Environmental Protection Agency. 

The rest of the crop, which included Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Tim Pawlenty, mostly fell over themselves describing how catastrophic Obama had been as president and how quickly they'd repeal ObamaCare.

No other presidential announcements were made.