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Mike Huckabee Doubles Down on Israel ‘Door of Oven’ Comments: Jewish Response ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ (Video)

”The response from Holocaust survivors, children of Holocaust survivors… people were overwhelmingly supportive,“ presidential candidate says

Mike Huckabee defended his controversial comments about President Obama marching Israel to the “door of the oven” on Tuesday.

“The response from Jewish people have been overwhelming positive,” the former Arkansas governor told Matt Lauer on “Today,” adding that Holocaust survivors and their children have contacted him with their support.

At a Jewish event on Monday, Huckabee claimed “people were overwhelmingly supportive” of his comments. He also defended the rationale for using such strong language to condemn President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran.

“We need to use strong words when people make strong threats against an entire group of people as the Iranians have made toward the Jews,” Huckabee said.

Lauer pushed back on Huckabee, asking if he would use the same language if he became president. Huckabee said he would, citing his multiple visits to the Auschwitz concentration camps.

Watch the video.