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Mike Myers, John Oliver Re-Create Awkward Kanye West Moment While Bashing Canadian Prime Minister (Video)

“Oh God, not again,” Myers says after HBO host asserts, “Stephen Harper doesn’t care about black people!”

Mike Myers appeared on “Last Week Tonight” on Sunday night to help John Oliver convince Canadians not to re-elect Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and ended up reliving an infamous TV moment he shared with Kanye West in 2005.

“Stephen Harper doesn’t care about black people!” Oliver said in reference to West’s unscripted comments while presenting alongside Myers during a televised Hurricane Katrina relief fundraiser.

“Oh God, not again,” Myers said, prompting Oliver to clarify, “Sorry, what I meant to say was, Stephen Harper doesn’t care about Muslim people.”

“Totally fair!” Myers said.

The segment was criticizing Canadian law, which makes it illegal for a person who does not reside in the country to “induce electors to… vote for or refrain from voting for a particular candidate.”

Oliver made his point that Harper is bad for Canada with the help of the “Austin Powers” star, who originally hails from Canada, as well as a “beaver playing ‘Sweet Caroline’ on the keyboard and this moose receiving a colonoscopy under Canada’s fantastic single-pay healthcare system.”

Apparently, Myers also has a very strong opinion about Harper.

“I love Canada, but the fact that it has a law banning outsiders from telling Canadians how to vote is one of the least Canadian things possible,” said Myers. “Don’t vote for Steven Harper.”

Myers, who rose to fame in the early ’90s on “Saturday Night Live,” took a long break from television between 1997 and 2011, when he returned to the NBC sketch series as his “Wayne’s World” character Wayne Campbell.

In 2014, he appeared on “Monty Python Live” before making a cameo on “SNL” in 2014 and during the 40th anniversary special of “SNL” in February.

In January, the actor entered a two-year overall deal with HBO, which includes TV exclusivity. Previously, he was busy directing music documentary “Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon,” which premiered in 2013 and is currently available to stream on Netflix.

Watch the new video above, then take a trip back to 2005, in the video below, when Myers stood helplessly next to a rapper calling the President of the United States racist.