Mike Tyson Tells CNN’s Don Lemon He’s Full of Sh*t’ During Interview

Former boxer gives anchor a piece of his mind over lack of promotional time

He exchanged a lot of jabs in the rings, and Mike Tyson had one for CNN anchor Don Lemon Wednesday night.

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On to promote his new Adult Swim show “Mike Tyson Mysteries” and a new book, Tyson didn’t think he got enough promotional love from CNN.

“What the hell did you put me on the show for?” Tyson said, unhappy the interview was ending so soon.

“I put you on the show to talk about your series,” Lemon replied. “We talked for a long time actually.”

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“We talked for a long time off the camera. … Don Lemon’s full of shit,” Tyson said as Lemon laughed uncontrollably.

Tyson then went on to compel Lemon to promote his book for a few more seconds.