Mila Kunis Will Keep Marine Date After All

“Black Swan” actress’s representative says she’s not blowing off her YouTube suitor, after she’s basically accused of treason

Last Updated: July 14, 2011 @ 9:31 PM

UPDATE, 5:55 p.m.: Kunis' spokesperson has confirmed to the New York Post that she's not planning to bail on her ball date with her Marine suitor.

Fear not, true romantics; Mila Kunis has not trampled on a Marine's heart, despite recent reports to the contrary.

The "Black Swan" actress sent tidal waves of outrage across the Internet on Wednesday when it was reported that she had broken her word to Marine Sgt. Scott Moore, with whom she had earlier agreed to attend the Marine Corps Ball. Access Hollywood's Billy Bush said that Kunis will be filming two movies in November, when the soiree is taking place, and would therefore be too busy to keep the date.

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The response from the Internet community was swift and brutal. "Bad PR move for you Mila…..typical celebrity ME first attitude," sneered one commenter.

"She's a Hollywood liberal elite," another 'netizen howled. "She's probably genuinely disgusted about going to a military ball with a person in the military. Why ever would the princess associate with a low life warmonger?"

One enraged reader went so far as to compare Kunis to Jane Fonda, who famously sided with the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam war.

Thankfully, Kunis won't have to call in the Marines to protect her from a frothing mob, because, as it turns out, rumors that she had bailed on Moore were just that — rumors. Kunis' representative tells the New York Post that the reports of her about-face "are false."

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The whole controversy began on Monday, when Kunis agreed to go to the ball with Moore, a Marine stationed in Afghanistan who had posted a YouTube video asking Kunis out. During an interview, her "Friends With Benefit" costar Justin Timberlake pointed the video out to her and implored, "You need to do this for your country."

Kunis replied to Timberlake, "I'll go. I'll do it for you."

Interestingly, since then, Cpl. Kelsey De Santis, a female Marine, has also posted a video on YouTube, asking Timberlake to the same ball (which is taking place in Greenville, North Carolina). Timberlake has yet to respond — perhaps because he wants to avoid the kind of mess that Kunis found herself embroiled in.