Miley Cyrus Has Taken Over MTV for Sure-to-Be-Wholesome 21st Birthday Marathon (Video)

Cyrus takes time out from shocking the world long enough to host televised birthday bash

Miley Cyrus had better do her twerking warm-ups.

The “Wrecking Ball” singer, who seems to be all gyrating hips and joint-smoking abandon these days, turned 21 on Saturday, and to celebrate the milestone she’s doing something relatively tame, by her standards: She has taken over MTV for an eight-hour marathon.

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Cyrus took over the network beginning at noon on Saturday to host the festivities, starting with the premiere of “21 Candles: Miley’s MTV Moments.” The special serves as a celebration of 21 reasons why her fans are devoted to her, as well as her choice MTV moments, a retrospective of her music videos and performances, and birthday shout-outs from celebrities who’lll share their favorite Miley memories.

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The new special will be followed by a re-airing of the classic documentary “Miley: The Movement Deluxe Edition,” with a re-airing of “21 Candles” at 7:30.

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Throughout the glorious procession, loyal fans who’ve tweeted birthday messages to Cyrus at #HappyBirthdayMiley or posted Instagram video messages to the singer will have an opportunity to appear on the network.

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No word on whether MTV will present the singer with a Bob Marley cake.

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Are you ready for the excitement?

Watch a clip:

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