Would You Pay $50 to Stream a New Movie? Over Half of Millennials and Gen Z’ers Say Yes

The study, based on more than 2,000 American respondents in June, shows people over the age of 35 feel much different

No movie theaters, no problem: Most Millennials and Gen Z’ers say they’re willing to spend big bucks to stream new movies from home, according to a new study by Hub Entertainment Research.

When asked if they’d spend $15 to stream a movie that had also just hit theaters, 67% of 18-34-year-olds said they’d “definitely” or “probably” pay to see it. That figure barely drops to 65% when the price is hiked to $25, and even 57% of young respondents said they’d be willing to pay $50 to stream a new movie.

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Sean Burch

Tech reporter • sean.burch@thewrap.com • @SeanB44