Molly Shannon, Paul Reiser Set for Coming of Age Dramedy ‘Miles’

Tim Boardman plays the lead role in Nathan Adloff-directed indie

Molly Shannon and Paul Reiser will co-star alongside newcomer Tim Boardman in coming of age dramedy “Miles,” Cranium Entertainment announced Monday.

After discovering his recently deceased father had squandered his tuition fund in an illicit affair, a young gay man desperate to get out of his small Illinois farming town joins the girls’ volleyball team to win a college scholarship.

Nathan Adloff will direct from a semi-autobiographical script co-written by Adloff and Justin D.M. Palmer.

Missi Pyle, Stephen Root, Annie Golden, Romy Rosemont, Yeardley Smith and Ethan Phillips co-star.

“Miles” is produced by Cranium’s Ash Christian, with executive producers Anne Clements, Stephen Israel, Lisa G. Black, Jim Stephens, Abraham Brown, Grey Sample, Monika Casey and Kelly Burkhardt.

Production is now underway in New York.