We've Got Hollywood Covered

Month One: Great. Month Two: OhMyLordy.

I’d been planning to check in with you readers as we close the first two months of TheWrap’s existence. But over the past three days, we’ve taken yet another spike upwards, and and all I can say is: Gulp.
You never know what you’re going to get when you launch a website. You don’t know if anyone’s going to show up, or if they show up whether they’ll stay, and comment, and contribute.
My bet was that people would show up for interesting, smart, accurate, provocative content. It’s fair to say that while I was hoping for the best, I wasn’t expecting it.
This month has exceeded all our expectations. We are ending the month today with an astonishing 180,000 unique visits, having delivered more than 1.5 million page views in our short time in existence. (Figures from Google Analytics, which is not public. Numbers at Quantcast lag slightly behind, but are close.)  We’re sorry for the technical glitches that have brought the site down once or twice during periods of spiking traffic, but we’re getting better at it.

Here’s what we’ve learned: Hollywood insiders are adopting us as part of their daily read. And users from all over webdom are showing up to read our stories about “Bruno,” Twitter, Chris Walken, the Streamys and the demise of television as we know it.
Just as gratifying has been the chiming in by Hollywood insiders as Hollybloggers on the subjects they know best — about casting women in movies, the rebranding of the SyFy channel, about Ron Silver and Natasha Richardson, or lighting systems on film sets.
Savvy, knowledgeable journalists from as far away as Australia have joined our roster as columnists.
To all of you who are participating: Thank you for being part of this new experiment, for making TheWrap your own, and making it better.
And to those of you reading from the sidelines: Time to jump in the pool. TheWrap is your site too.