More Critical WarnerMedia Employees Return to Offices This Week

CNN head Jeff Zucker stressed that “NO ONE” who has not been cleared by management may return to the office


After a WarnerMedia email told staff that a “very small group” of employees are returning to offices this week, CNN president Jeff Zucker stressed to his company that the move won’t have a major effect on the network’s operations and that cleared, critical workers are still the only ones allowed in the offices.

“As the note said, WarnerMedia will institute a new set of protocols at all of their office spaces beginning July 1st. A very small group of employees who will begin their return this week across WarnerMedia, and will follow in the weeks and months to come, continue to be only those that critically need to be there to start or keep productions up and running. As you know, at CNN and Turner Sports, given the nature of our work, we have already had a small number of employees whose roles are essential to getting us on air and online in our workspaces for past few months,” Zucker wrote.

He added, “So for us, this week’s July 1 milestone will not change much in terms of who is coming back to the office. It is important to note that NO ONE — and I cannot emphasize this enough NO ONE — who has not been cleared by their senior-level manager and HR is permitted to come back to any of our offices, at any time, for any reason. If you need to be there, you have been or will be in touch directly with your manager and added to a list of those that are cleared to come in. No one else will be admitted.”

From there, he outlined what was explained in the June 25 note to WarnerMedia staff regarding in-office protocol changes.

The WarnerMedia Return to the Workplace Task Force highlighted in its note that staffers in the corporation’s offices will be required to complete an online questionnaire before entering the building and are expected to wear face coverings whenever they are not at their desks, as well as maintain social distancing by staying six feet apart from colleagues at all times.

In a different sequence of emails reviewed by TheWrap at the end of May, WarnerMedia executive vice president and chief HR officer Jim Cummings and Zucker laid out for employees their vision for 2020 as it relates to the coronavirus pandemic and CNN. Ultimately, very few staffers at the network are expected to return to their offices within this calendar year.