‘Morning Joe’ Co-Hosts Spar on Air Over Trump: ‘It Means Nothing Coming From You’ (Video)

“Don’t get mad at me here,” Joe Scarborough tells Mika Bzrezinski

Sparks flew between MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Bzrezinski on Wednesday morning when Scarborough said that Bzrezinski’s opinion on Donald Trump “means nothing coming from you.”

Bzrezinski was discussing the “train wreck” of Trump’s presidential campaign when she was interrupted by Scarborough.

“You’re a Democrat… Let me say this,” Scarborough told his co-host. “It means nothing coming from you to these Republicans, you’re a Democrat.”

Brzezinski replied, “Excuse me… Actually, the Democrats are going to win the election.”

Scarborough went on to make his point that the Republicans are “letting Donald Trump destroy the party.”

Bzrezinski agreed but mocked her co-host saying, “I’m sorry I’m a Democrat and it means nothing coming from me.”

“Don’t get mad at me here,” Scarborough said, before Bzrezinski fired back, “I am.”

“I was making a point that they’re just going to say, ‘Oh, you’re a Democrat,’” Scarborough said. The co-hosts were clearly annoyed with each other but appeared to patch things up and move on before the segment ended.

It’s interesting that “Morning Joe” has taken such an anti-Trump stance after the show was ridiculed for being too friendly with the GOP nominee earlier in the year.

Meanwhile, the “Morning Joe” co-hosts are often rumored to be romantically involved by New York tabloids.