‘Morning Joe’ Misses When Oscars Honored ‘Movies Americans Actually Saw’

“Did that story about the fish win? asks host Joe Scarborough

“Morning Joe” wasn’t too interested in Sunday night’s 90th Academy Award ceremony.

On Monday, co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski laughed off 2017’s best films, and said they missed when the Oscars honored the movies that most Americans actually cared about.

“Remember [when] you would watch the Academy Awards and it would be all movies Americans actually saw,” said Scarborough.  “People would actually say, ‘oh I saw four of those.’”

The MSNBC host cited “The Godfather” and “The Sting” as previous examples.

“There’s just not that middle ground anymore. You have movies that I take my kids to see … and then you’ve got more of the indie art,” he said.

While running down last night’s big winners Monday morning, Scarborough and Brzezinski joked about their lack of Oscar knowledge.

“Did that story about the fish win? The woman and the fish? Did that win?” asked Scarborough in reference to “The Shape of Water.” “Am I getting old?”

“No you’re not, I don’t get it,” said Brzezinski.

“Anybody see ‘I, Tonya?’” Scarborough asked the set. His question elicited little response.

“I haven’t seen it,” said show contributor Eugene Robinson off-screen.

“I want to see it,”  Brzezinski offered.

With the early schedule that “Morning Joe” demands, it’s unlikely the pair would have been able to catch the big night live from the East Coast. After that conversation, the show pivoted into more familiar territory, including the latest Trump outrage and new speculation about the latest news in Robert Mueller’s investigation.