Adult Swim Parodies Paper “Prometheus” Trailer Parody (Video)

"Prometheus" trailer remade with construction paper apparently gets remade by late night TV network

This week, filmmaker Travis Betz posted the "Prometheus" trailer he animated using only construction paper and his girlfriend's camera skills.

By Thursday night, it had more than 200,000 views — and at least one imitator.

Adult Swim, the Atlanta-based late night television network, aired a shorter, less elaborate version of its own.

"There was no reference to me anywhere, I don't know if it was a crazy old coincidence," Betz told TheWrap. "But imitation is always the mark of flattery."

Adult Swim did not return an email from TheWrap requesting comment.

Betz, 35, said he was searching his name online and found himself tagged in a YouTube video of the Adult Swim spoof. He promptly tweeted at the network, reminding them that copying — credited, or not — was a compliment.

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"I don't think they stole it from me or anything," said Betz, a Los Angeles native. "If it came from me, they were inspired, they rocked it out, and — you know what? — mine is better in the end, so I'm happy."

Betz, who has garnered moderate fame on YouTube for his construction-paper-crafted "Receptionist" series, began making his video a month ago, shooting scenes with his girlfriend on weekends and at night after his day job.

"When I saw the 'Prometheus' trailer — I'm a big 'Alien' fan — so I was very inspired," Betz said. "I never made a fan film before, but I thought it would be an incredible challenge if I tried to reconstruct the trailer out of paper."

Here is Betz's original trailer:

Here is Adult Swim's 31-second spoof: