Best Buy Markets App with ‘Despicable Me’ Tie-In

New feature allows users to translate animated movie’s monster language

Best Buy unveiled a new app on Monday called the Movie Mode, that it says will allow moviegoers to better interact with films they love.

The free download is being marketed in conjunction with the upcoming release of Universal Pictures’ 3-D animated film "Despicable Me," which hits theaters on July 9.

One of the app’s new features allows audiences to translate  what the film’s impish yellow characters, the Minions, are saying. The app acts as a translator during the 3-D theatrical end credits and will also translate the language throughout the entire movie when “Despicable Me” is released on DVD later this year.

Worried about disturbing other audience members around you? A phone in Best Buy Movie Mode automatically dims the mobile screen, silences the ringer and discourages texting to ensure audiences have a positive movie-going experience. Beyond The Minionator, Movie Mode will offer users features and exclusive content tied to future theatrical and DVD releases.