‘Ender’s Game’ Producer Linda McDonough Exits OddLot Entertainment to Produce Full-Time

McDonough will still work with the company under a first-look deal

Linda McDonough will leave her post as exec VP of production and development at OddLot Entertainment and return to producing full-time, Oddlot said Wednesday. She is exiting with a first-look deal at the company.

She will also continue as producer of OddLot’s adaptation of “Ender’s Game,” which Lionsgate will release this fall.

"After working with Linda for over a decade I am so happy for her that she is following her passion,” OddLot’s Gigi Pritzker said in a statement. “She has fantastic taste in material and a unique talent for working with filmmakers which has had a major impact on our company.  I expect great things from her as a producer.”

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McDonough oversaw all of OddLot’s production and development, shepherding titles such as “Rabbit Hole,” “Drive” and “From Prada to Nada.” She previously worked at Drew Barrymore‘s Flower Films, 1013 Production and Fox TV.

“I’m honored to continue what has been such a fruitful creative relationship for a decade with Gigi, and thrilled that OddLot has ramped up its feature production to 4-5 films per year under Michael [Nathanson] and Bill [Lischak]’s expertise,” McDonough said in a statement. “It’s a dynamic time to be in business with OddLot Entertainment.”