‘The Godfather’ Monopoly: Guns, Cars and a Horse’s Head

Hasbro and Paramount have collaborated on a new version of Monopoly based on "The Godfather"

Mobsters have stormed the boardwalk.

USAopoly, in collaboration with Paramount and Hasbro, has introduced a Monopoly gamed based on “The Godfather,” replacing Uncle Pennybags with Vito and Michael Corleone.

The original Monopoly game is all about aggregating wealth and property, and then taking more from your rivals. So it’s the Mafia, without the murder or the pasta.

Some of the new properties include Moe Green’s Casino, Hyman Roth’s home and the Corleone Long Island Home — all recognizable haunts to diehard fans of Francis Ford Coppola’s films (or Mario Puzo’s novel).

Available now in specialty stores, this version of the classic board game features several other changes. “Friends” and “Enemies” have replaced the “Chance” and “Community” cards while houses and hotels are now hideouts and compounds.

Players can align with particular families, as certain cards tied to those families (like the Corleonoe and the Tattaglias) can alter the game dramatically in one move.

The new game figurines include a dead fish, a bottle of genco olive oil and a horse’s head.

May you survive the night.