The Gotham Observer Pages Shed Light on ‘Dark Knight Rises’

The fictional newspaper's headlines and ads drop hints on "The Dark Knight Rises" 

The Gotham Observer's made-up headlines are making headlines.

Three pages of the fictional newspaper from "The Dark Knight Rises" were released as part of the viral marketing campaign for the expected blockbuster, which Warner Bros. is releasing on July 20.

Boldfaced letters sweep across page one announce the revelry planned for Harvey Dent Day, a city-wide holiday commemorating Gotham's fallen district attorney.

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Meanwhile, a spike in burglaries — anyone ready to fire up the old Batman spotlight? — plagues the city.

The first page of the B section, topped with a masthead font nearly indistinguishable from the New York Observer's, leads with a story about Zach Harris, the Gotham Rogues star receiver, renewing his contract with the fictional football team. It's probably not coincidental that one Zach Harris is senior brand manager for Mountain Dew, a major promotional partner on "Dark Knight."

The back page features a story about a ransacked construction site and, perhaps more interestingly, an ad for Rykin Data. The listed URL leads to a website under construction, save for the PDF of a patent on an algorithm for "targeted data detection and elimination" registered to an "A. Heiberger."

More on this story to come, assuming more news pages leak.