Investor Sues to Hash Out ‘Hesher’

An investor in the Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Natalie Portman movie says the producer owes $375,000

An early investor in the Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Natalie Portman movie "Hesher" filed a lawsuit against producers and other investors Tuesday, saying it's owed $375,000 and deserves its money before other investors get theirs.

Dreamagine Entertainment agreed to invest $1.2 million in the movie, and had a "first in/first out" provision, which meant that it would be the first investor to be repaid.

In April, other investors sued the producers, Hesher Productions, asking for more than $750,000.

Dreamagine's suit against Hesher Productions is meant to put it in line before those other investors.

"My client was very reluctant to jump into this mess," Alex M. Weingarten, the lawyer representing Dreamagine, told TheWrap. "But we had no choice because everyone else was pretending we didn't exist."

Weingarten said that "Hesher" made money internationally, and that the money is in an escrow account.

"Hesher," which has a reported production cost of $7 million, opened to only $126,046 at 40 U.S. locations over the weekend.