Oh, Oksana: Mel Gibson’s Ex-Girlfriend Has to Settle for Measly $750K

A financial and custody settlement has been reached, but it is far less than the $15 million Grigorieva passed up last year

Mel Gibson and ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva have reached a financial and legal settlement to their bitter court battle, the Associated Press reports.

But the final figure falls far short of the millions of dollars that Grigorieva’s legal team turned down over a year ago. 

Instead, Grigorieva, who is the mother of Gibson’s daughter Lucia, will have to settle for $750,000 over five years.

The two will split custody of Lucia.

In addition, Gibson will buy a house for Grigorieva and their daughter, but the home will be sold when Lucia turns 18. The proceeds will be given to Lucia.

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Daniel Horowitz, an attorney for Grigorieva, was not immediately available for comment and a representative for Gibson declined comment.

TMZ obtained a copy of the original 2010 settlement, which it claims was valued at $15 million.

Grigorieva rejected that offer, apparently believing she could get a bigger settlement. 

Gibson’s legal fight with Grigorieva was an unusually nasty one. During the dispute, tapes emerged on which the action star physically threatened Grigorieva, while peppering his diatribes with racist rants.

Gibson pleaded no contest in March to a misdemeanor battery charge stemming from their dispute.

He was placed on probation for 36 months, and ordered to do community service and attend counseling.