‘Men in Black 3': First Clip Showcases Josh Brolin as Young Agent K (Video)

Josh Brolin steps into Tommy Lee Jones' shiny shoes in first snippet from "Men in Black 3"

In the first clip from the sci-fi/action sequel "Men in Black 3," everything old is new again.

While the trailer for the film centered on Will Smith and his reprisal of his role as Agent K, the initial snippet from the film, out May 25, offers a first glimpse of Josh Brolin as a younger version of Tommy Lee Jones' Agent K.

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In the film — the first in the franchise since 2002 — Agent J travels back in time to the 1960, back in the early days of the Men in Black agency, to prevent an alien from killing off Agent K and altering the course of time. And because even Tommy Lee Jones' acting talents have their limits, a less long-in-the-tooth Brolin is handling the part of young Agent K.

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The first clip from "Men in Black 3" features Smith and Brolin getting to know each other while pursuing a motorcycle-riding villain through the streets with futuristic, unicycle-like devices — which, oddly, don't hail from the future at all.

The Barry Sonnenfeld-directed film makes its ways to screens later this month following myriad production problems. As reported earlier by TheWrap, the project was plagued by shooting delays, script polishing, a bloated budget and, according to a set insider, demanding behavior from Smith.

Whether all of the difficulties will prove worth it in the form of audience reception and profits is something that, unlike the film's plot, is a matter for the future. Until then, here's a glimpse of Brolin stepping into Jones' shoes.