MTV Movie Awards: Russell Brand Says He Gave John Travolta a Massage to Thank Him

Bringing up Travolta's lawsuit with male masseurs, the English comic and host says he needed to show his appreciation for "Grease" 

Russell Brand found the funny side of John Travolta's recent legal troubles at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards, taking potshots at a controversial lawsuit involving the "Pulp Fiction" actor and two male masseurs. 

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Brand, the host of the movie awards show for the "Twilight" set, kicked off the program by hawking his upcoming musical "Rock of Ages," calling it the best movie musical since Travolta's "Grease." 

"To honor 'Grease,' I prepared for this event by giving John Travolta a massage," Brand joked.

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Travolta has been dogged by a public relations crisis for much of the past month amidst allegations that he behaved inappropriately and in a sexually provocative fashion with two male masseurs.

Through his attorney Martin Singer, Travolta has vehemently denied the claims. 

After quipping that Travolta enjoyed the deep tissue work out he administered, Brand joked that the lyrics to the title song from "Grease" contained clues about  the actor's current legal issues. 

"I got legal bills they’re multiplying and I’m losing control," Brand sang, offering his own take on the famous musical number. 

In a expletive-laced monologue, Brand also skewered Michael Fassbender's full frontal nude scene from "Shame," Charlie Sheen's penchant for drug abuse and Justin Bieber's recent scuffle with the paparazzi. 

The English comic did not spare himself from scrutiny, lampooning his own short-lived  marriage to rock star Katy Perry. Brand thanked Kim Kardashian for taking the pressure off him thanks to her 72-day failed marriage to basketball player Kris Humphries. 

Brand may have risked revolt from the tween-leaning crowd by savaging such young adult sacred cows as the flaxen haired Bieber, but he found a sure-fire way to keep them on his side. 

Periodically throughout his opening schtick, Brand would shout out "The Hunger Games" and "Twilight." 

"These words generate good will," Brand joked.