Netflix Expanding Into Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland

Netflix will offer its streaming service to Nordic countries by end of 2012

Netflix is expanding into Scandinavia, announcing plans Wednesday to offer streaming services in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland before the end of 2012.

Nordic countries won't get Netflix's DVD-by- mail service. 

Netflix has aggressively pursued a global rollout, launching services in Canada, Latin America and the U.K. and Ireland over the last two years.

On a conference call with investors last month following its report of its second quarter earnings, Netflix executives said they planned to pour any profits into expanding into Western Europe. The company said it has roughly 3.6 million subscribers in Canada, Latin America and the U.K. and Ireland.

Domestically, Netflix is still struggling to right itself after announcing a price hike to its most popular subscription plan and abandoning an attempt to spinoff its DVD-by-mail business into a separate service called Qwikster. Those changes led to subscriber defections and sent Netflix's shares tumbling from their high of roughly $300 in July 2011.

Netflix's stock was up .51 percent to $62.07 in early trading Wednesday.