Oliver Stone Interrogates Stars of ‘Savages’ (Video)

Salma Hayek, Benicio Del Toro, Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Johnson and Blake Lively all preview their characters from Oliver Stone's upcoming film

Salma Hayek is a poker-faced cartel queen. Benicio Del Toro is a masked enforcer, gritty as the Tijuana he seems to both love and loathe. Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson both sell pot and share a girlfriend, played by Blake Lively.

Indeed, the first five videos teasing the July 6 release of Oliver Stone's "Savages" offer a peek into the film's dark, drug-fueled narrative. 

Sitting in front of a screen depicting clips of his violent "enforcement" techniques, Lado, Del Toro's character, muses about his inability to exit his life in the drug trade as a bluntly inquisitive Stone poses questions off camera.

"Why are you wearing the mask?" Stone asks, pointing on the Dia de los Muertos-esque skeleton mask covering everything below Lado's eyes. 

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Lado taps his finger tips together anxiously and unconvincingly responds, "What mask?"

"Is it because you work as an enforcer for the Tijuana drug cartel?" Stone continues.

"I wish I was a lizard cause I can't escape Tijuana, it just follows me like a tail I can't cut off," Lado says. "I wish I could be a lizard and cut it right off."

Have a look at the videos below and tell us what you think: