Oliver Stone at ‘Savages’ Premiere: What Audiences Will Take From My New Movie (Videos)

At the red carpet premiere of “Savages” the center of attention wasn’t the all-star cast but director Oliver Stone.

All eyes at the red-carpet premiere of "Savages" weren't on the all-star cast — rather, on its infamous director, Oliver Stone.

Stone is, of course, no stranger to controversy. From "Born on the Fourth of July" to “Wall Street” to “W,” he is best known for shepherding strong political messages through his films.

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When asked if “Savages” — about two drug dealers whose shared girl friend gets kidnapped by a rival drug lord — would follow suit, cast member Demian Bichir, who plays a lawyer, said the movie “is going to tell you about important issues that two countries (the U.S. and Mexico) need to solve.” Still, he added, “First of all, people need to see this as a work of art.”

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When asked why Stone attracts so much political noise with his films, Sandra Echeverria, who plays Salma Hayek’s daughter in the film, suggested that, “He always tries to get polemic stories … He is the best for timing and portraying what is going on around the world.”

Said Joel David Moore, who stars as the American dealers' (Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson) computer specialist, “I think that at a level, all movies are political. Especially if you have a politically driven director.”

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All of the stars expressed their belief in Stone’s work. Said Emile Hirsch, who plays the American dealer's money launderer, “I can’t not support him enough,” as he hurried into the theater.

As for Stone himself?

TheWrap asked the director — as he was rushing into the theater — what he thought audiences would take away from the movie. Play the video below for his answer: