Paramount Picks November Release Date for ‘Flight’ With Denzel Washington

Paramount will release “Flight" wide on November 2, moving "The Guilt Trip" to Christmas Day, the studio announced


Paramount will release “Flight,” its upcoming Robert Zemeckis-Denzel Washington project, wide on November 2 of this year, the studio announced.

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The film is Zemeckis’ first live-action feature since “Cast Away” and tells the story of Whip, an airline pilot who lands a damaged plane, saving 98 lives on a flight with 106 people. The world considers him a hero, but he struggles with the label. John Gatins, who wrote "Dreamer: Inspired By a True Story" and "Real Steel," wrote the script.

It's the first time Washington and Zemeckis have worked together.

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As a result of that announcement, “The Guilt Trip,” starring Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand, will move to Christmas Day. That’s the same day as “Django Unchained” and ‘The Great Gatsby.”

Penned by Dan Fogelman, whose “Crazy, Stupid, Love” bowed last year, the movie is about an invetor who takes his mother on a trip to sell the product.