‘Paranormal’ Scores R-Rated Record $6.3M Midnight Opening

It’s also the biggest 12 a.m. debut for October, besting Paramount’s “Jackass 3D” premiere just a week ago; horror prequel expected to exceed $33M for the weekend

Oren Peli's homegrown horror franchise continues to come up abnormally large at the domestic box office.

His "Paranormal Activity 2" debuted to $6.3 million playing midnight shows at approximately 1,900 locations Friday. That's the best midnight premiere ever for an R-rated movie, bettering the $4.6 million 12 a.m. start for "The Watchmen" in March 2009.

It's also the best midnight premiere ever in October, beating out the $2.5 million the same studio, Paramount, took in last week for "Jackass 3D."

"Paranormal Activity 2" is expected to gross well over $30 million this weekend.