Report: Executive Shakeup at D.C. Comics

Senior VPs Richard Bruning, Cheryl Rubin and Steve Rotterdam are leaving the company

D.C. Comic's move to reorient itself in Hollywood and refocus its efforts on producing comic book inspired tentpole movies to rival Marvel's, is leading to an executive overhaul.

Among those given walking papers in the wake of the move are senior vice presidents Richard Bruning, Cheryl Rubin and Steve Rotterdam, according to

A D.C. spokesperson declined to comment, and all three executives did not immediately respond to TheWrap's inquiries.

Bruning was the company's creative director, Rubin was in charge of brand management, and Rotterdam headed up marketing and sales.

D.C. has been injecting new blood into the company over the past year. In September 2009, Diane Nelson was tapped to head up newly created D.C. Entertainment, tasked with creating comic-book based movies and other content. Last Februrary, the new hires continued, with veteran comic-book editors (the Green Lantern, Batman) Jim Lee and Dan DiDio named the co-publishers of DC Comics. And writer Geoff Johns (Superman, the Flash) taking over as new chief creative officer.

D.C. has had success with it's Batman franchise, and has similar high hopes for big budget "Green Lantern," which hits theaters next summer. There have been costly stumbles, however. "Jonah Hex" was a massive bomb and "The Watchmen" was considered something of a disappointment.