Telluride Flight Crash-Lands With TWC & ‘Salinger’ Crew; Outbound Travel Snarled

An FAA investigation canceled outbound flights on the eve of the fest's last day

A small plane carrying Weinstein Co. employees and people involved with the J.D. Salinger documentary crash-landed at the airport in Telluride Sunday afternoon — and though no one was injured, the violent touch-down shook up passengers and snarled outbound travel from the mountain retreat.

A person familiar with the incident said all 11 people onboard were fine — if a little spooked — after the plane’s landing gear collapsed when it hit the runway at Telluride Regional Airport.

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The belly-flop shut down Telluride’s runways while the FAA investigated, canceling and delaying flights. That left many industryites scrambling for travel, most of them homebound to catch one last day of the Labor Day weekend — also the last day of the fest.

Several people were shuttled over to an adjoining regional airport to try hooking up with connecting flights; others were inevitably stuck in town for the night.

The FAA did not immediately respond to a request for details.