Writers Guild East, The Black List Form Partnership

Writers Guild East members will receive a 20% discount on Black List subscriptions and the union will get its word out to emerging writers

The Writers Guild of America, East has partnered with the Black List, which produces an annual list of the best unproduced screenplays in Hollywood as chosen by industry executives, the union announced Monday.

The partnership allows WGAE members to receive a discount to host work on the Black List subscription site, which includes access to the annual Black List, the site’s new "real-time portal’ and the opportunity to register and protect their screenplays.

WGAE members will also receive a 20% discount to have The Black List’s stable of professional script readers review and offer notes on their work.

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“The Black List makes it possible for screenwriters to get their work read and considered by people in the industry,” Lowell Peterson, WGAE executive director, said in a statement.

WGAE and The Black List will launch an online initiative to publicize Guild agreements and services and Guild representatives will contribute to the site’s blog. The initiative will include information throughout The Black List site about Guild programs, contracts, membership and registration as well as links to WGAE.org, OnWritingOnline.org, and the WGAE iTunesU page.

“We look forward to continuing our educational, organizational, and promotional work with an extraordinary partner whose involvement will allow us to expand the site considerably and make it more effective," said Franklin Leonard, founder of The Black List.