Brava, Brave Katie Holmes

Guest Blog: Suri is a result of your time as Mrs. Tom Cruise, but now it is time to move on and be Katie Holmes again

Last Updated: July 10, 2012 @ 6:15 PM

You won’t allow Suri to be “Rosemary’s Baby.”  Suri is Katie Holmes’ baby. You are protecting her from being controlled by others. You have the support of all the women who have been involved with rich and powerful men. You have the support of most women, period.

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Scientology taught Tom Cruise that he can do anything — but he can’t have your baby to indoctrinate, to control with his beliefs. You are teaching him humility, which Scientology might have to research in Webster’s.

While Cruise was in Iceland adding more cash to his empire and more fame to his superstardom, you, without warning, fired the Paula Revere divorce papers.  Lordy, lordy. How is it the omnipotent Scientologists could not foresee your strategy? Don’t they claim to achieve everything they want?

Well, Cruise wanted you. Now he wants your baby. Beware.

It is rumored that your father is advising you. If you don’t mind I’d like to add some advice to your arsenal. 

1. Drop all the fair-weather friends that came your way when you married Cruise. 

2. Research careers outside of show business. There are other things in life, other professions. You could get whiplash from a revolving door with all those seeking Cruise’s approval. And you will no longer be on his list of those to whom favors should be granted. Oh, his people may tell the press that you will be supported and loved in Hollywood, but don’t believe it for one second. You could be blacklisted.

3. Stay on the east coast. New Yorkers will embrace your independent spirit, your courage. Tom Cruise’s influence will be lesser and yours will be greater.

4. Pursue fashion design. What I’ve seen of your designs is a good beginning for a new non-Cruise-related career. His influence is far from Seventh Avenue.

In defense of Scientology, humans have traumas and work through these in this religion, but you can do this without being a member. I realize Scientology is a new approach to mental health and instills in its members the belief that “you can do anything.” But you can do anything without Scientology. You married Cruise. Now you are divorcing him and you, not Tom, gave birth to Suri. 

5. With motherhood, I believe your values have changed. You no longer want to be on the Cruisemobile of life. You want your freedom — and your daughter.

6. Falling in love with a rich, powerful man is like falling in love with a tractor-trailer. He will roll over you at the first opportunity.

I was rolled over twice in my life. When I was a supermodel, I had supported Claude Picasso, Pablo’s son.  He became a billionaire through a lawsuit yet wanted approval of every article of clothing I bought with my money because the government had not yet released his funds. When I had lunch with a friend from America, he followed me to meet her.

And then there was the time when a friend wanted to invite me to dinner to meet Catherine Deneuve and Marcello Mastroianni when Claude was out of town. He forbade me. The last dirty piece of straw was hurled behind my back when Paloma Picasso tried to fix up her brother, my fiancé, with models.  Enough already.

The second roll-over occurred when I was an actress and Norman Mailer came into my life. He told me to quit acting if I wanted to become a writer. When our love affair ended, he tried to block my writing career. Impoverishment is a trick for these trophy studs. 

For an interview with Norman for M Magazine, I asked him about mistresses and his wife. “They’ll never publish all 10,000 words,” he said. Without showing him the final interview, I submitted it to the magazine, and they published every word and put him on the cover. His entourage of publisher, agent and lawyer were now opposed to our affair. Then, for my interview between Gore Vidal and Norman for Esquire, I allowed both writers one edit each. Norman wanted a second edit after Gore had done his edit. I said, “No, that would not be fair to Gore,” and not long after this, Norman ended our love affair. I had stood up to his control. 

Katie, your actions are proving that women do not have to be intimidated by these so-called trophy husbands, or boyfriends who profess to love us for a while then do the roll over with their tractor trailers filled with publicists, publishers, lawyers and the like. 

But we learn from them and they become our experiences. Experiences are to be valued above all else.

Suri is a result of your time as Mrs. Tom Cruise, but now it is time to move on and be Katie Holmes again. Mother of Suri. Alone for the moment. And proud.