Comic-Con’s Registration DOUBLE FAIL

Comic-Con servers crash a second time; registration postponed indefinitely

Comic-Con needs nerds!

In the most gong-show inspired act of incompetence conceivable, Comic-Con shut its registration down for the second time on Monday, after already failing once two weeks ago. From their website:

"Once more, unfortunately, there have been issues with Comic-Con registration. So we have again decided to close it down.

We are well aware that many people have taken time from work, school or other activities and others woke up very early. There really is no way to convey our level of regret for this turn of events. 

We are currently researching our registration options."

So if anyone with, oh, I dunno, programming or coding or server-maintenance experience — AS IN EVERYONE WHO GOES TO COMIC-CON — is looking for work, it appears they could use some help.