Aubrey Plaza Dons the Green Peacoat in Fake Trailer for ‘Daria: High School Reunion’ (Video)

If the former animated series ever does come to life as a film, MTV's got its perfect star

"Daria: High School Reunion" is not a real movie, but it'd be pretty awesome if it was, right?

College Humor thinks so — though it's hard to tell what emotions star Aubrey Plaza is experiencing in the fake trailer.

The comedy website debuted a "Daria Movie Trailer" short Wednesday, where the titular character is back home with her parents, sister, friend Jane and a closet full of green peacoats. The occasion: the valedictorian's 10-year high school reunion.

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"High School was like the Civil War," Plaza narrates in the trailer. "It lasted four years, you were defined by what you wore and I lost one in 10 of my friends to Gang Green. That last part isn't true, but a girl can dream, can't she?"

The rest of us can dream that this re-imagining of the 1997-2001 MTV animated series comes to life.

Until then, watch the short: