Good Morning Hollywood, July 6: The ‘Inception’ Collection

It’s all “Inception,” all the time, and almost all raves


In this morning’s roundup of movie news ‘n’ notes from around the web, it’s all “Inception,” all the time, and almost all raves.

The reactions came hard and fast and furious on Monday afternoon at 3:00 Pacific time, the time when Warner Bros. had told critics and journalists who’d seen Chris Nolan’s “Inception” that it was okay to start posting reactions to the film.  More writers will see it this week, so this is just the beginning.  But for now, it’s safe to say that the movie is off to a pretty good start.

(TheWrap’s thoughts and analysis are here.) 

Inception posterJustin Chang, Variety: “Applying a vivid sense of procedural detail to a fiendishly intricate yarn set in the labyrinth of the subconscious, the writer-director has devised a heist thriller for surrealists, a Jungian's ‘Rififi,’ that challenges viewers to sift through multiple layers of (un)reality.”

Kirk Honeycutt, the Hollywood Reporter: "‘Inception" puts [Nolan] not only at the top of the heap of sci-fi all-stars, but it also should put this Warner Bros. release near or at the top of the summer movies. It's very hard to see how a film that plays so winningly to so many demographics would not be a worldwide hit.”

Anne Thompson, Thompson on Hollywood: “When it opens July 16, this eye-popping film will wow moviegoers all over the world — its complexities will only encourage debate and repeat viewings — and should also score well with critics and year-end awards groups.”

Pete Hammond, Boxoffice Magazine: “A bold, inventive, audacious entertainment, ‘Inception’ charts a new course for motion pictures and sets the bar very, very high.”

Kris Tapley, In Contention: “[A] film like nothing you have ever seen before that plays out like a two-hour therapy session, wrapped in the accoutrement of a heist film and bathed in the panache of an entirely immersive cinematic experience.”  And Tapley added a measured consideration of the film’s Oscar chances: “’Inception’ will need a savvy campaign and a heck of a dent at the box office (which it could get with great word of mouth) to overcome some of these hurdles.”

Sasha Stone, Awards Daily: “With ‘Inception’ we have a film and a filmmaker that has broken new ground and very nearly reinvented the form and he did it all without 3-D.”

Drew McWeeny, HitFix: "’Inception’ flattened me, and even now, more than a week after my first viewing of it, I find myself turning over images and ideas from the film almost constantly.”

Todd Gilchrist, Cinematical: “At the same time, he's made an utter crowd pleaser, an epic piece of entertainment that ultimately feels so simple precisely because of all of its complexity, and one that rouses and inspires and excites in the same way as blockbusters comprised of pure spectacle.”

Nev Pierce, Empire magazine: “With physics-defying, thunderous action, heart-wringing emotion and an astonishing performance from DiCaprio, Nolan delivers another true original: welcome to an undiscovered country.”

Devin Farachi, CHUD: “It's a movie where Christopher Nolan manages to bring together all of his obsessions and quirks, where his personal issues are the life and death issues at the center of the story, and where he has managed to turn every single one of his directorial weaknesses into massive strengths.”

Mr. Beaks, Ain’t It Cool News: “‘INCEPTION’ is a miracle: a multi-layered meditation on the unruly clutter of the subconscious that works sensationally well as a classical action film.”

Dustin Hucks, Film School Rejects: “[I]t’s one of the most beautiful, well written, and fully realized high dollar films of the last five years.”

But wait … stop the presses! Silas Lesnick, from, scores it a mere seven out of 10 and dares to have some qualms, calling it “a bore” and adding this: "‘Inception’ should still impress and, at the very least, inspire some worthwhile discussion, but it's hardly the heady blockbuster summertime savior that audiences have been waiting for.”

Meanwhile, a couple of writers who have yet to see the film can’t resist chiming in.  Jeff Wells (who won’t see it until next week) talks to people who have seen it, and hears lots of comparisons: “The Matrix,” “The Fountain,” “Shutter Island,” “Ocean’s 11,” “The Dark Knight” … (Hollywood Elsewhere)

And David Poland is suspicious of everybody else raving about the movie, which he’ll see on Wednesday. “I will be thrilled beyond belief to love Inception as The Friday Pack does … or even more,” he claims. But his alarm bells have gone off.  (The Hot Blog)

Finally, Scott Wampler offers five twist endings that he thinks “Inception” should have, “but probably won’t.”  One is that “Inception” turns out to be the fourth “Matrix” movie and “Leonardo DiCaprio” is actually being played by Keanu Reeves; another uses the twist endings of all of M. Night Shyamalan’s movies, one after the other.  None of ‘em make much sense.  (