‘Hebrew Hammer’ Sequel Profits From Crowdfunding Campaign

Funded on Jewcer.com, "The Hebrew Hammer vs. Hitler," a sequel to 2003's "The Hebrew Hammer," is aiming for a May 2013 start date

“The Hebrew Hammer vs. Hitler,” the sequel to 2003's “The Hebrew Hammer,” will begin filming next year, after an innovative crowdfunding campaign that's raised $35,000 on Jewcer.com, the filmmakers announced Tuesday.

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Adam Goldberg will return in the lead role, with principle photography expected to begin in May 2013.

In the film, Goldberg's character, now married and enjoying the good life in suburbia, is forced to dust off his black-leather couture to confront a new menace: a time-traveling Hitler intent on altering key moments in Jewish history.

The original film launched at Sundance and had a limited theatrical release before being picked up by Comedy Central in a five-year deal.

“It’s been amazing,” filmmaker Jonathan Kesselman, writer and director of both movies, said in a statement. “The fans are making this happen. The cult status of the first movie attracted millions of fans around the world, making crowd-funding a viable option. Funding is now in the hands of fans who can help make the movies they want to see.”

Kesselman negotiated for the rights to the sequel with John Schmidt at ContentFilm, ending a near decade-long tussle and several attempts at getting it made.