Hugh Jackman Is a Samurai Without a Master in New ‘Wolverine’ Trailer (Video)

The second international trailer for 20th Century Fox's July 26 release features more plot, more samurai swords, and more bad guys (and girl)

A new international trailer for director James Mangold's "The Wolverine" casts the titular superhero in a new light as "a samurai without a master."

The "X-Men" sequel of sorts takes place after the events of Brett Ratner's "The Last Stand," and Hugh Jackman's character finds himself more vulnerable than ever in modern day Japan where an old friend offers to relieve the regenerative mutant of his immortality.

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Even though the Marvel hero is growing tired of everlasting life, the new trailer makes it appear as if he's not ready to give up his curse just yet. But that just means a venom-spitting, snake-slithering mutant named Viper will have to steal it from him.

Another new element revealed is a vision of Wolverine's death, and the longest look at giant metallic menace, the Silver Samurai, yet.

Wolverine sure does have his hands full. Take a look at the many enemies he'll be slicing and dicing in theaters this summer: