Joaquin Phoenix Falls for Spike Jonze’s Version of Apple’s Siri in First ‘Her’ Trailer (Video)

Scarlett Johansson voices the operating system that Phoenix falls in love with in the unique romantic drama

Joaquin Phoenix develops a very personal relationship with an operating system named Samantha in the first trailer for Spike Jonze's "Her."

"I've never loved anyone the way I love you," Phoenix tells software — similar to Apple's Siri — that is designed to meet his every need. 

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Phoenix plays a lonely divorced writer in the unique romantic drama, which also stars Rooney Mara as his ex, and Amy Adams as an old friend who could very well be another potential love interest — providing Phoenix doesn't ask his cell phone, voiced by Scarlett Johansson, to marry him first.

If this love story is a bit too unusual to tug on your heart strings, at least the trailer provides a great joke you can use to crack up all your techy friends.

"What does a baby computer call its father?" Phoenix asks his phone. "Data."

Audiences will have to wait until Nov. 20 to find out if he'll father some data with Samantha by the end of the film. 

Watch the trailer: