Kim Jong-Il: Looking Back With Laughter (Video)

Back in 2004, "South Park" honchos Trey Parker and Matt Stone gave the North Korean dictator the fame he so desperately craved — and it was hilarious

The death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il over the weekend spurred cheers of rejoicing from some, and inconsolable sobbing from others.

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But where's the laughter?

Though widely regarded as a despicable person deserving only of scorn, the idiosyncratic leader did manage to put a few smiles on people's faces, albeit in puppet form, in Trey Parker and Matt Stone's big-screen reflection on jingoism, "Team America: World Police."

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Parker and Stone's portrayal of Jong-Il might not have been the most politically correct thing to ever hit movie theaters, but for those who could look past the juvenile stereotypes, there was a guffaw or two to be had.

Given Jong-Il's reported love of Western cinema, it seems only fitting that we bid farewell to the vertically challenged despot with a greatest-hits reel from his most prominent theatrical performance.