Lionsgate Distributing Coppola Classics on DVD, Blu-ray

Studio will release “Apocalypse Now” and “The Conversation” across home entertainment landscape

Lionsgate will distribute many of Francis Ford Coppola’s classic films including “The Conversation” and “Apocalypse Now” across the home entertainment spectrum, the studio announced on Monday.

The multi-year agreement will include North American DVD, Blu-ray, electronic-sell-through, video-on-demand, and broadcast television distribution rights to the director’s films. The only movies from the Coppola canon that won’t be released as part of the pact with the director's Zoetrope Corporation are the “Godfather” trilogy, which is owned by Paramount.

The first title released as part of the deal was “Tetro,” a low-budget film about a family of artists in Argentina that marks Coppola’s most recent theatrical release. That film debuted in May.

The next release under the Zoetrope and Lionsgate partnership will come Oct. 19 when Lionsgate will unveil "Apocalypse Now" for the first time ever in high definition. With new transfers supervised by Coppola, "Apocalypse Now" will premiere on Blu-ray in two deluxe editions: a two disc set and a three disc delux edition..

The two disc set will include both “Apocalypse Now – The 1979 Cut” and “Apocalypse Now Redux” and will also include over nine hours of special features. The three disc version will also include the making-of documentary Hearts of Darkness, a 48-page collectible booklet and storyboard, photo and marketing archives.