‘Man of Tai Chi’ Trailer: Keanu Reeves Directs His Own ‘Mortal Kombat’ (Video)

"Finish him!"

Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Liu Kang may not be in the movie, but a new trailer Keanu Reeves'  directorial debut, "Man of Tai Chi," definitely has a "Mortal Kombat" feel to it.

The upcoming Universal release follows an honorable young martial artist, played by "Matrix" stuntman Tiger Hu Chen, who is lured into a deadly underground fighting tournament in Bejing run by an American, played by Reeves.  

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Reeves' character's goal is to, apparently, watch "a pure hearted man of tai chi become a killer."

His desire to watch men die mirrors "Mortal Kombat" bad guy Emperor Shao Kahn, and Reeves even borrows a famous line from the video game-turned-movie villain when he demands, "Finish him!" 

"Man of Tai Chi" hits theaters at a TBA date sometime this year. Here's the latest look at the fight film: