More ‘Nuisance’ Questions for Lohan

Must submit to further depostion regarding her July 2007 DUI and drug bust

Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer calls the latest attempt to demand the “Mean Girls” actress appear in court “more nuisance than necessary.” 

Fresh from being found clean and sober in the controversy over her SCRAM bracelet going off at a party after the MTV Awards, the once party-hard actress is being hauled into court again – this time to answer more questions dealing with her July 2007 DUI and drug bust.

L.A. Superior Court Judge Richard Stone on Thursday ordered Lohan to sit for another deposition from Tracie Rice’s attorneys. Rice is the mother of Lohan’s former assistant and the woman driving the vehicle LiLo went after on a tear through L.A. that summer night three years ago.

“I respect Judge Stone completely, but this is definitely more nuisance than necessary,” Ed McPherson, Lohan’s lawyer in this case, told TheWrap. “The plaintiffs clearly just want to harass Lindsay, and take advantage of an unfortunate situation. Fortunately, they only get two hours to do that."

Lohan, who is currently wearing an alcohol monitor device on her ankle and subjected to weekly random drug tests, among other things, as part of her probation from the incident, has already undergone eight hours of questioning in Rice’s civil case.

Expected is a further probe into the actress’ cocaine and other drug use at the time — Lohan had barely been out of her second attempt at rehab, and had just had a previous SCRAM bracelet removed, when the 2007 incident occurred.

Lohan, who is trying to mount a comeback on more than just her Twitter account, will not have to give the deposition before her next probation hearing, which is scheduled for July 6 before Judge Marsha Revel.

In fact, she might not be giving the deposition at all if Revel — who was annoyed at Lohan for missing her May 20 hearing due to being stuck in France without a passport — deems the actress has violated her probation.

Revel, who has issued two warrants for Lohan’s arrest and raised her bail to $200,000 in the last six weeks, has said the actress could face jail time if she’s not in total compliance.